In the year 2003 Nightchild A. wandering through the internet space comes across a site created by gothic-vampire girl Morticia Vampire Filth on which except some necessary for him shots from the film “Interview with the vampire” he discovers some poems composed by that girl which he likes very much. A couple of days later Nightchild A. suggests to Morticia to take part in his newly created band (yet consisting only of Nightchild A. himself) the NIGHTCHILD as a lyric writer. Morticia accepts the suggestion and sends her first lyrics. Almost immediately appears the first song «Closer». It is followed by other songs on Morticia’s lyrics. By that time she takes a pseudonym Nightchild M.

    Gothic-rock was picked up for the band style. Works upon the first demo go smoothly until April 2004 when Nightchild’s A. hard disk drive crashes and therefore the first song versions are lost. In May 2004 Nightchild A. begins to recreate the lost stuff.

    In January 2005 keyboard player joins the band and starts working upon the keyboard parts for the songs. In the same 2005 thanks to the guitarist from Inferno, Fritz Inferno, the band’s demo «Love+Blood+Death=VAMPIRE» appears on the internet and wins good comments from the first listeners.  All the year 2005 is spent in creation and searching for musicians. But as there are no proper ones in the town the NIGHTCHILD remains a duet.  

    In May 2006 the duet is invited to the second gothic party held in Donetsk  - “Angel’s heart”. It was held on May 12th and the NIGHTCHILD successfully make their debut along with the Gray Angels from Kiev and with the band IzAngel. This party was covered in the local newspaper “Salon”.

    After successful performances in Kiev, Moscow (with DoppelgängeR, Braindead and Alliteration Kit) and again in Donetsk keyboard player left the band.

    In 2009 Nightchild A. records the debut album 'The Other' alone and makes shows in Kiev and in 2010 in Moscow (his friend Dmitry Flo from DoppelgängeR helpes him with the bass parts) again.

 Now the new member Holy Cat joins the band on bass. 

In January 2015 Holy Cat left the band.


Current band line-up:

Nightchild A. - vocal, guitars, bass, programming

Mr. Loopen’ - drums


Nightchild A., Nightchild M.  © 2006 - 2010